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The RETScreen® Clean Energy Project Analysis Software

Семинар проводится в партнерстве с International Institute for Energy Training (IIET) (Канада)


The RETScreen® Clean Energy Project Analysis Software is a unique decision support tool recognized internationally and boasting over 400,000 professional users worldwide. The software is free of charge.


Topics Covered 

  • Computing potential for energy savings of energy efficiency or renewal energy projects 
  • Analysis of energy costs 
  • Analysis of GHG reductions 
  • Analysis of financing options 
  • Analysis of the project’s sensitivity and risk 
  • Use of RETScreen modules (product databases, estimates of equipment efficiency and costs).

This course is offered in collaboration with RETScreen International.




Day 1

  • Introduction to Certification and Overview of Course
  • Presentation: Energy Efficiency Concepts
  • Presentation: Prefeasibility Concepts
  • Demonstration of RETScreen® for Energy Efficiency Analysis
  • Hands-on Case Study: Lighting
  • Presentation on Lighting Technologies, Heating and Cooling Systems, Building Envelope and Ventilation
  • Hands-on Case Study: Adding a Building Envelope and Heating and Cooling System to the Existing Lighting Case Study
  • Presentation/Demonstration: Understanding the Output of the RETScreen® Energy Efficiency Model
  • Presentation/Demonstration/Case Study: Cost Analysis
  • Presentation/Demonstration/Case Study: Financial Analysis
  • Presentation/Demonstration/Case Study: Risk and Sensitivity Analysis
  • Presentation/Demonstration/Case Study: GHG Analysis

Day 2

  • Presentation/Demonstration: Motors, Pumps, and Fans
  • New Hands-on Case Study: Industrial Sector
  • Presentation/Demonstration/Case Study: Compressed Air Systems
  • Presentation/Demonstration/Case Study: Steam Systems
  • Presentation/Demonstration/Case Study: Refrigeration
  • Presentation: Limitations of RETScreen®
  • Complete Hands-on Case Study #1: Commercial Facility
  • Using RETScreen® for Renewable Energy Technologies
  • Presentation/Demonstration/Case Study: Combined Heat and Power Systems

Day 3

  • Presentation/Demonstration: Solar Energy (Photovoltaics and SWH)
  • Upcoming Changes in RETScreen®
  • Training Evaluation
  • Exam

The agenda is tentative. It will be paced to the participants.



If you are unable to attend the course, you may substitute another person in your place without penalty. All cancellations or postponements must be communicated to IIET by email at info@in-en.ru

  • Registrations cancelled more than 4 weeks prior to the course starting date: no penalty.
  • Registrations cancelled between 2 and 4 weeks prior to the course starting date will be assessed an administration charge of $200.
  • Registrations cancelled 2 weeks or less prior to the course starting date will be assessed 50% of the registration fee.

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