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Energy Efficiency for Managers

Семинар проводится в партнерстве с International Institute for Energy Training (IIET) (Канада)


This one-day training allows business leaders to understand the latest energy cost reduction strategies and techniques. It highlights the fundamentals required to implement an energy management program in the workplace. 
This training emphasizes the importance of energy management by covering applicable codes and standards. The workshop deals with energy consumption, energy efficiency, rate structures as well as reconciliation of savings. Furthermore, it analyzes potential investment opportunities, explores an innovative type of financing and helps establish the life-cycle cost of equipment.


Target Audience

• Commercial and industrial business owners/managers 
• Managers of government services or public utilities responsible for initiating or administering the implementation of energy management programs 
• Managers of engineering or other professional firms providing energy management services 
• Managers of engineering departments or responsible for energy management in public, commercial, institutional or industrial buildings



Topics Covered

  • Energy management, codes and standards 

  • Power purchasing 

  • Energy analyses 

  • Analytical instruments 

  • Motors 

  • Heat recovery 

  • Cogeneration 

  • Green and sustainable buildings 

  • Control systems 

  • Measurement and Verification (M&V) 

  • Monitoring and targeting 

  • Action plans 

  • Maintenance and commissioning 

  • Financing 

  • RETScreen®



If you are unable to attend the course, you may substitute another person in your place without penalty. All cancellations or postponements must be communicated to IIET by email at info@in-en.ru

  • Registrations cancelled more than 4 weeks prior to the course starting date: no penalty.
  • Registrations cancelled between 2 and 4 weeks prior to the course starting date will be assessed an administration charge of $200.
  • Registrations cancelled 2 weeks or less prior to the course starting date will be assessed 50% of the registration fee.

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